This Person Should Uninstall Minecraft..

SUBSCRIBE FOR MANY DIAMONDS In this DanTDM Minecraft video, I react to the Minecraft Reddit which has so many weird and wonderful things within.. Funny Moments: 00:00 Minecraft Reddit is Crazy 00:07 Minecraft or Real Life?! 00:38 This Didn't Go To Plan 02:00 Minecraft Mirrors Are Insane 02:31 My Man Broke Water 02:53 THIS HORSES NAME LOL 03:46 oh no... 05:34 How To Enter The Minecraft Backrooms 05:59 Herobrine returns as a villager 06:54 why did someone make this... 07:34 I Witnessed Something Awful 09:45 WORST Minecraft House I've Ever Seen.. 12:16 the chickens are coming.. 12:45 this player should uninstall minecraft 13:16 LOL, RUN 14:11 it's your own fault Edited by: Twitter: Instagram:

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