Surfers Exit Water After I Warn Them White Shark Approaches

In this Vlog style entry, I narrate the events as they occur live. On Feb. 7th, 2021, while everyone else is watching the Super Bowl, I head out to an empty beach in search of whales and sharks. I end up warning a couple surfers about a white shark that is approaching them. The surfers left the water after the shark came close. While, I don't believe the shark was purposely hunting them, it's wise to leave the water if there is prey in the vicinity. Special thanks to photographer Amanda Elkins for capturing the audio and video as this occurred. DISCLAIMER: I'm NOT a marine biologist or naturalist. As with all YouTube content, I encourage independent verification of facts via official scientific and trustworthy sources. I will strive to post citations for any information I discuss here whenever possible. My goal is to use photography and drones to bring awareness to wildlife and the nature around us. I welcome collaborations with scientists to bring cinematic elements to the educational presentation. For all footage licensing inquiries please reach out directly to me via the contact form on my website. All music has been licensed for use. For more music, I encourage a visit to the pages of artists I incorporate into these videos. MUSIC: "Retro City" by Cody Martin ​ CITATIONS AND INFO: Beach Safety and Shark Info: California State, Long Beach Shark Lab For information about local shark research and/or to donate, please visit ​

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