Shadow The Hedgehog - The Orange Gamecube

Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack with an Epic champion ⚡️ Kellan the Shrike ⚡️ Join RAID’s 4th Anniversary celebration, use the Promo Codes below to get special B-day gifts: 🎁 4YEARSRAID (includes Legendary Skill Tomes) - Available for ALL users 🎁 FIRESTARTER (includes an Epic champion Ultimate Galek) - Available for New users 💡 Superb tip for New players: get Kellan the Shrike using the link above and enter the promo code FIRESTARTER to grab Ultimate Galek and gain two topnotch champions at once 💡 Note that only 1 Promo code can be used within 24 hours Store: Twitch streams every Mon/Wed/Fri night at 7pm EST: Quit following me: Guest Voice: @PaperBoxHouse Co-Editor: @Wergle028 Thumbnail: @KrookedGlasses Subtitles: @EmeraldDemond President's Jet Animation: @Zeurel Sonic Feels Nothing & Learns Capitalism Animations: @SilentManJoe Twitter Blue & President On Ebay Animations: @SouljenX7 GUN stunner & Escorting President Animations: @DoovadHohdan Sonic & Elise on a Date Animation: @Daitomodachi Shadow & Maria Animation: @redminus Black Doom & President drawings by Spinny G.U.N. Officer gets shot drawings: @Thunder30001000 President Model ripped by Sonic-Konga: GUN soldier model by thekingdog: Shrugging Shadow recolour by @TheLooneychic1 Crying laughing Sonic at 3:42 by @shirahedgie8399 Anything I've missed or not credited please give me an @ on twitter so I can add it to the description!

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