Maria Sharapova Boyfriends List (Dating History)

Maria Sharapova is a famous Russian tennis player who has repeatedly topped the lists of the most successful and richest athletes. Thanks to her perfect playing style and psychological stability, she became a real tennis star. What about her love life? Let’s see who Maria has dated. Adam Levine 2005 Maria and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine had a brief affair that year. However, we do not know the details of their relationship, as well as the reason for their breakup. Andy Roddick 2005 – 2006 Maria Sharapova and Andy were spending a lot of time together during the 2006 US Open. After that, rumors about their romance appeared. Also, the two were seen on the red carpet of various events holding hands and looking very cozy. However, Andy denied that they were together and half a year later everyone stopped talking about them. Charlie Ebersol 2008 The relationship between Sharapova and TV producer Charlie Ebersol wasn’t also long – it ended the same year it started. After their split, Ebersol went on to date Britney Spears. Sasha Vujacic 2009 – 2012 Basketball player Sasha Vujacic became Maria's next boyfriend. Sasha was often visible during Maria’s matches and it seemed that everything was serious between the two. In 2010, Sharapova and Vujacic got engaged. However, despite the fact that the relationship was very tender and sweet, it could not sustain itself beyond 2 years. In 2012 the couple called it quits. Grigor Dimitrov 2013 – 2015 Then Maria Sharapova dated her fellow tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. He was 5 years younger than Maria, but the difference was not felt in their relationship. The two had a very tender and sweet affair for two years. But everything unexpectedly ended when Maria was having one of the most difficult periods in her life. It happened after her loss to Serena Williams that was just heartbreaking. It’s interesting that the Bulgarian tennis player dated Williams in the past. Alexander Gilkes 2018 – present time Starting from 2018, Sharapova has a romantic relationship with British businessman Alexander Gilkes. The couple was first spotted together when they had a date at an art gallery in Beverly Hills. After that, they attended a lot of events together and didn’t hide their feelings from the paparazzi. Alexander went to college with Prince Harry and before his love with Sharapova he was married to a woman who helped Harry get acquainted with Megan Markle. The tennis player looks very happy in this relationship, so we all hope to hear about their big day in the future. Do you want to see more? Subscribe! 00:00 - Maria Sharapova Boyfriends 00:21 - Adam Levine 00:34 - Andy Roddick 01:00 - Charlie Ebersol 01:14 - Sasha Vujacic 01:43 - Grigor Dimitrov 02:14 - Alexander Gilkes

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