Hillary Clinton & Condoleezza Rice on America’s Global Role | The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast

Watch The Problem With Jon Stewart on Apple TV+ https://theproblem.link/AppleTV We’ve got not one former Secretary of State but TWO as our guests on this week’s podcast. Secretary Hillary Clinton and Secretary Condoleezza Rice are here for a fascinating discussion of American power, whether spreading democracy has actually made us safer, and what our role on the world stage should look like going forward. Plus, they make plans to take a little train trip together. Subscribe to The Problem with Jon Stewart podcast: https://theproblem.link/ApplePodcast Subscribe to The Problem with Jon Stewart’s YouTube channel: https://theproblem.link/YouTube Follow The Problem With Jon Stewart Instagram: https://theproblem.link/Insta Twitter: https://theproblem.link/Twitter Follow Apple TV: Instagram: https://theproblem.link/AppleTVInsta Facebook: https://theproblem.link/AppleTVFacebook Twitter: https://theproblem.link/AppleTVTwitter Giphy: https://theproblem.link/AppleTVGiphy Follow Apple TV+ Instagram: https://theproblem.link/AppleTVPlusInsta Apple TV+ is a streaming service with original stories from the most creative minds in TV and film. Watch now on the Apple TV app: https://apple.co/AppleTVapp #war #ukraine #podcast

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