FORGOTTEN 1974 SAAB Sonett III - Will It RUN AND DRIVE after 29 Years?

Redeem a Harry’s Trial Set for just $3 when you go to Here's a ultra rare car you don't see often! With only 2,483 made, it's not uncommon if you haven't seen one of these in person! It's powered by a Ford Taunus V4, and a 4 speed. It's also front wheel drive! Let's see if I can get it fired up after 29 Years! #OReillyPowered TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Have you checked out memberships? Great additional content, behind the scenes videos, private Facebook Group, and MORE! FIND MERCHANDISE HERE: SAVE 10% ON PIT VIPER SUNGLASSES Use Code Vicegrip TO FOLLOW AND SEE WHAT WE'RE UP TO: email SEND ME JUNK: PO Box 48837 Minneapolis, MN, 55448 #SAAB #VGG #willitrun

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